Dish Network offers spbo wap packages

Dish Network offers many sports packages for their subscribers to satisfy their sports cravings. One such package is the Soccer Package, which allows subscribers to live-stream different soccer matches. World Football Travel offers soccer vacation packages that include top-quality tickets and soccer travel packages.

Subscribers can enjoy their favorite soccer matches with the MLS Direct Kick, FIFA Club World cup, and Euro 2012.

Subscribers can view various soccer matches on Dish Network channels 454-472. Subscribers have the option to watch Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia. Paraguay and Ecuador are fighting for a spot in South Africa’s 2010 FIFA World Cup. Uruguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Venezuela also fight for a place.

MLS Direct Launch

MLS Direct Kick, a North American Out of Market package, is distributed by satellite and cable providers. Subscribers have access to 13 Major League Soccer games, including playoff and regular season matches, as well as MLS Cup playoff matches, with all-star players Freddy Adu and Christian Gomez, and, of course, David Beckham.

MLS Direct Kick is available for satellite spbo wap and cable providers like DirecTV and Dish Network.

Subscribers have the option to purchase the Half season package. They can then enjoy the second half of this package. Subscribers will receive 60 Major League Soccer games as part of the Half season package. These games will be broadcast on ABC, ESPN 2 or Fox Soccer Channel. Subscribers can view various soccer matches of MLS Direct Kick on Dish Network channels 455-465.

Subscribers can order this package by calling 1-877 DISH PPV (347-7788) or ordering with the remote, where they can save $5 per match.

Dish Network now offers GOL TV in Spanish to its subscribers. GOL TV, a 24-hour Spanish language channel dedicated to soccer’s most popular sport, is available 24 hours a day. It features major international soccer news, events, and hundreds of games every year from South America, Mexico, Italy and Salvador. GOL TV will be available on channel 632 without additional charges in all three popular DISH Latino programming plans. To receive the channel, you will need a DISH 500 antenna.